Autonomous heating system

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Heat supply of the Center is implemented by using the latest alternative energy systems. To support heating and cooling systems and hot water supply, the following equipment, manufactured by Vaillant, is installed:



The vertical boreholes have been using for heat supply from the earth. The borehole’s pipe system is installed in a vertical position in the ground. There are 6 wells drilled on the territory and the total length of the ground collector is 360 m.

A buffer tank allSTOR VPS 1000/2 of 1000 liters is installed in order to increase the minimum duration of the heat pump operation and accumulation of hot water for further transportation to the heating and hot water supply systems.
Preparation of water for hot water needs is accomplishing in a continuous flow mode with the pumping group VPM 30/35 W, mounted on the front wall of buffer capacity.

This equipment heats the cold water in accordance with the need by continuous flow method, transmitting heat energy of buffer through the plate heat exchanger.
Two pumping groups are installed to connect with the solar power systems and transmit the heat from the solar device VPM 20S. They are designed to transmit heat energy from the collector field of buffer capacity.

In addition, three pumping groups have been installed for the heat distribution in a building. Heating the building is provided by using low-temperature radiators, floor heating and fan coil units. Also, the regenerative system of forced-air ventilation RecoVAIR, manufactured by Vaillant, is mounted in the building. RecoVAIR is a ventilation system with internal heat recovery. The heat energy is transferred through a special heat exchanger from the warm air, which is derived outside to the cold air, supplied inside the building.

The heat exchanger, developed by Vaillant, returns up to 95% of the heat to the air supplied. Built-in efficient fans provide a steady airflow. This system reduces the heating costs up to 25%.