The company is part of the Vaillant Vaillant Group, which has 10,055 employees. Headquartered in Remshayd (Germany).

Vaillant Group is a leading company in the heating industry in Europe and sells more than 2.7 million units of heating equipment in the year with a turnover of 1.99 billion euros. Vaillant Group has strong positions in important segments like wall heating appliances, outdoor boilers, water heaters and appliances. Also on the program is a heating technology company based on renewable energy.

On the Ukrainian market products Vaillant represented since 2000. Since then, thanks to its reliability, efficiency and long service life, it is a success and Ukrainian consumers. Tech meets the highest quality standards and is ideally suited for use in Ukrainian conditions.

A wide range of products – wall and floor standing gas boilers, heating oil boilers, flow and DHW cylinders, electrical and control devices – will satisfy all customers’ needs. Vaillant apparatus suitable for both new construction and for the modernization of heating systems: for apartments, houses, small buildings official purposes, as well as for the organization of apartment heating systems of residential buildings.

Over the lifetime of the devices of the partner Vaillant sales and service offering customers expert support at all levels up to and after the sale, including advice on choosing the heating apparatus, installation, warranty and after-sales service. Currently in Ukraine operates its own service department Vaillant, as well as more than 200 authorized service centers Vaillant, which offer the service.

Vaillant Representation in Ukraine is constantly organizing seminars for the sales staff, employees, installation and design organizations, in which participants acquire knowledge of the theory and practice of all the current models of vehicles Vaillant, presented at the Ukrainian market, as well as general information on modern combustion systems. The seminar program consists of different units, and participants are given the opportunity to choose and attend seminars on topics of interest to them.

Vaillant also in Ukraine offers around the clock technical support hotline for which you may at any time be able to get expert advice on their products.

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