Setting the column pointer to the memorial complex “Height Marshal Konev”

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stolb-infoOn the eve of the anniversary of the Great Victory, May 6, 2013, the company “BURENERGO” took an active part in the pre-holiday activities.

As a research center of renewable energy “energy park” East “is in close proximity to the memorial complex” Height Marshal Konev, “employees” BURENERGO “decided to remove the existing navigation problem related to the fact that the complex is a little away from the main roads . To help people find it a memorable place was equipped with a special post-pointer. This design is a unique device, because it is a high-tech, non-volatile product made using the most modern technologies and materials.

A pointer is a lightweight light pole with the information and navigation shields. As for night lighting use electricity stored during the day due to the energy of the sun. To do this on a pole were installed two modern solar panels, batteries and sensors that automatically turn on and turn off the light depending on the light. Information boards are made from lightweight and durable composite material with a special coating to protect from harmful sun rays. Use of equipment and materials leading European manufacturers can claim the life of the construction of at least 20 years of age.
All work carried out by the company “BURENERGO” by the staff of “energy park” East “. Initiative has the full support and approval of the district authorities.


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