The question of efficient energy consumption is one of the most actual for today. In the Ukraine the demand for heating systems, which effectively use of renewable energy sources, is rapidly growing. Currently one of the most efficient energy systems is the heat pump. Heat pump is a compact device that uses the heat of the earth, water or air and provides independent heating, hot water supply and air conditioning. The using of heat pumps gives saving of non-renewable energy resources and environmental protection, including the reduction of CO2 emissions. Our company is actively implementing the projects of heating systems with using the equipment from famous manufacturers, such as Vaillant, Buderus, Viessmann, et al. The proposed heating systems have a long term of operation, they are reliable and durable. The main benefit of the heat pump system is economic efficiency. Low power consumption is achieved by the high conversion ratio: for 1 kW of consumed electricity the heat pump produces up to 5 kW of heat energy, which reduces cost of heating and hot water supply by 75%. Another advantage is the fact that using of systems with heat pumps can reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. The heat pump operates almost silently, takes a minimum space and the absence of combustion processes and exhaust pipes makes it safe for everyday use. A distinctive feature of heat pump systems is the possibility to solve the problems of heat and cold supply, thereby the desired indoor microclimate can be easy created during all year without additional equipment. The BURENERGO company has wide experience in using of heat pump systems for private homes, cottages, hotels, industrial buildings, etc. Our experts will help you to choose the most efficient solution for heating / cooling of your object.

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