One of the most popular directions of alternative power is the using of free solar radiation and converting it into electricity. Our company specializes in solar PV systems for a variety of private residential, commercial and industrial facilities. A complete PV system includes different components that must be chosen to meet clients individual needs, location, climate, and expectations. Our experience allows us to find individual solutions for each project. Photovoltaic systems can be installed on a flat or sloping roof, integrated into building structures or placed on the ground. The main feature of the solar PV system is the modular design of photovoltaic panels, which allows the system to grow and change. It can be started with a backup system and then we can increase it to full, autonomous system. It is important that the PV systems are easy to install and use, they are very effective and cost-saving systems. Having no moving parts, the PV systems are practically maintenance-free. To get advice on your object, please call us or fill out the contact form and our engineers and consultants will prepare for you an individual system solution.

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