Heating private homes heat pump 10 kW (Kharkiv region)

Heating and hot water at home is carried out using a geothermal heat pump Vaillant geoTHERM VWS 101/2 (380 V) 10 kW and buffer tank Vaillant allSTOR VPS 500/2 volume of 500 liters.
On 1 kWh consumed electricity the heat pump produces 4.5 kWh (36 MJ) of heat energy to provide the same amount of heat, but cheaper by 77% compared to a conventional electric boiler.
No additional permits and approvals for the heat pump installation is not required.
As an additional source of heat was a wall-mounted gas condensing boiler Vaillant ecoTEC plus VU OE 246 / 3-5H. This unit has 110% efficiency of the use of the calorific value of natural gas by removing heat from the exhaust gases.
Hot water is provided in the flow mode, using a pump group Vaillant VPM 20/25 W and the plate plate heat exchanger installed in the buffer tank.
There are also solar connection on the basis of solar collectors on the conclusions of the buffer tank. To this end, the possibility of connecting an additional pump groups for solar systems.
Hydrodynamic method of drilling carried out three geothermal wells a total length of 239 m. In which omitted three geothermal probe of the four plastic pipes with a diameter of 32 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm collected in thermistor fittings PLASSON. Inside the furnace installed stainless steel manifolds with valves and flow meters for controlling the flow of coolant to each of the probes.

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