Hot / cold supply system with heat pump vws 171/2 for private house (Dnepropetrovsk district)

Comfortable heat / cold supply of private house by using geothermal heat pump.

The heating/cooling system of the house is provided by a “ground-water” heat pump geoTHERM VWS 171/2 (400 V) of 17 kW power, manufactured by Vaillant.
The vertical boreholes in 5 wells, drilled on the given territory, are used to withdraw heat energy from the earth.
A buffer tank allSTOR VPS 1000/2 of 1000 liters is installed in order to increase the minimum duration of the heat pump operation and accumulation of hot water for further transportation to the heating and hot water supply systems.
Preparation of water for hot water needs is accomplishing in a continuous flow mode with the pumping group Vaillant VPM 20/25 W, mounted on the front wall of buffer capacity.
Heating of the house is carried out by using low-temperature radiators JAGA and underfloor heating system, manufactured by REHAU.
Cooling the building is accomplished by using the fan coil, manufactured by Daikin.
Remote diagnostics, monitoring and control of heating, cooling and hot water supply systems is provided by using the module vrnetDIALOG, which is built in the heat pump.

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