Development of alternative energy in Ukraine – Seminar

April 23, 2013, in the energy park “East”, a seminar on the development of alternative energy in Ukraine

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April 23, 2013, in the energy park “East”, a seminar on the development of alternative energy in Ukraine and the presentation of technological innovations in the industry.

The seminar was organized jointly by companies “Burenergo» and «Vaillant».

Before the start of the seminar, participants and guests were given a tour by energy park “East” with a demonstration of the feasibility of alternative energy. Tour was conducted by the company “Burenergo” which explained in detail the nature and advantages of the use of advanced technologies in the life and production.

After the tour, the guests made by the representative of «Vaillant», which highlighted both general trends in the world of alternative energy, and private companies to approach their issue. Were shown the latest developments of the German company in the field of solar and geothermal energy. In the course of his speech, the representative of the company «Vaillant» held a lecture for professional design and installation of solar power systems, which were presented the latest developments for using this technique.

During a break between sessions was organized coffee break, during which all participants were able to informally discuss this information and share ideas with colleagues.

After the break it was the turn of employees’ Burenergo “to share the experience with their Western counterparts. The director of the company, Shatokhina Tatiana, spoke about the modern realities of alternative energy in Ukraine, and the company plans to “Burenergo” to introduce and promote alternative energy in Ukraine.

All participants were satisfied with the results of the workshop and discussed all the pressing issues and trends of the market and decided to jointly develop this area in Ukraine and help to improve the environmental education of citizens.

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