The German company Rehau – a globally recognized supplier of innovative ideas. It was established in 1948 and for the past 50 years, producing high-quality products from polymers for the construction, automotive and industry.

Worldwide brand REHAU is a symbol of quality for customers and innovation in the field of design and system development.

Production REHAU covers about 40,000 types of products. The most popular among these is the number of systems specifically designed for the building.

Since the founding of the company strives to develop new applications of polymers, replacing the familiar materials more efficient polymers, and thus bring more benefits to its customers. Advanced materials development, know-how and, above all, the products are favorably distinguish REHAU competitors.

Polymeric materials offer customers and end users almost limitless possibilities. Brand REHAU – it’s the functionality and reliability of research and technical development of new products, which defines the purpose of benefit to the client. REHAU creative solutions are successfully used by architects and designers bring benefits to investors and entrepreneurs.

High professionalism is the reason for the success of the company. Through a combination of innovation and decentralization of the company, REHAU is one of the leading suppliers in the world market.

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