Heating design

The design stage is obligatory and has a special significance, because the well-executed project is a guarantee for quality and reliable operation of the system during all time of its exploitation.

Design group of BURENERGO develops individual projects for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings and constructions with using of alternative and renewable energy sources.

Each individual design (in particular, the engineering networks for water supply, heating, conditioning and ventilation), involves the calculation of the required power, determination of the place for the equipment installation and selection of optimum consumer and industrial technical devices. The company’s specialists are regularly trained, they use the calculation methods and software provided by manufacturers. As a result, the flexible, easily integrated climate system is selected, which optimally fit not only the price and quality, but also the taste of the customer.

The design includes the following stages:
• pre-designing survey of the facility with comments and recommendations;
• receiving initial permits (technical conditions) in the energetic organizations;
• development of technical specifications;
• creating a draft design;
• approval of the project and coordination with the customer;
• creating detailed design and as-built documentation, which includes information on engineering systems for the sustenance of residential, public and industrial buildings;
• coordination of projects in the government structures and organizations;
• automatization and dispatching.

The main principle of our work is the individual approach to each project that allows us to provide optimal, integrated technical solution, which combines professional design, its implementation, minimizing capital investments, quality, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of working of all engineering systems, ease of operation and maintenance. We use environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment, the most advanced technologies for integration of mechanical, electrical, water and electronic engineering systems.

All designing technical solutions, developed by our company, meet the regulatory requirements, climate, environment, sanitary and hygienic, building, fire-proof and other regulations, which are in force on the territory of Ukraine. This provides comfortable conditions for human activity and manufacturing.

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