A visit to the factory in the town of Lollar Buderus (Germany)

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In the spring of 2013 the staff of our company visited the largest production department Buderus, which was the location of Lollar (Germany).

Buderus company is actively promoting the Ukrainian market innovative equipment, which allows to significantly reduce energy consumption and to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

In the town of Lollar (Lollar) produce cast-iron heating boilers and systems automation. Most of the production – casting, represented by two highly automated molding plants for the manufacture of cast iron boiler sections of the patented Buderus. The first patents for their own sectional boilers were obtained in 1898 range of products plant in Lollar includes atmospheric gas boilers (Logano G124WS, G234/234WS, G334, GE434), inflatable oil boilers and gas (Logano G115WS, G215WS , GE315/515/615) in the power range from 20 to 1200 kW, and their related automation systems Logamatic 2000 and Logamatic 4000.

During his visit to the plant, representatives of the Company was a tour of the production shops and familiarization with the system of quality control, as well as tour the lab, including the test program and ongoing product development.

We thank the employees of the Company Buderus for organizing and conducting tours!

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