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Buderus live “systems engineering” … made sure of employees’ BURENERGO “visiting this spring,” the Academy Buderus »in Lollar (Germany).

Buderus company is one of the largest providers of integrated efficient heating systems, and follows the same principle in his “Academy Buderus».

The Academy was opened on 19th June 2009. Its area is 3000 m2, and it is designed so that the building has a very low thermal load (heat output is only 62 kW).
The Academy conducted training customers and business partners, both in theory and practice. Most attention is paid to the practical part of the training, because the Academy is not just a set, but are in working order of the system, which is manufactured by Buderus. Trainees can gain hands-on experience optimum interaction between the individual components.

The design feature of the energy of the system is that the heat that is produced by the equipment during the practical sessions, fully used to heat the building.

The Academy is located on the territory of classes, divided by areas and types of heating: heating system for diesel and gas, biomass boilers, heat pump systems, through the use of solar energy and so on. Each year, the academy runs about 600 workshops and trained approximately 3,000 customers and partners. Technologies based on the use of renewable energy sources is given the most attention.

The staff of the Academy of Buderus organized for us a tour of all the classes were introduced to existing innovations, as well as a seminar on the topic “Integration Buderus equipment into a single system.”

We express our gratitude to the employees of the Company Buderus for organizing and hosting the meeting!

Buderus Компания является одним из крупнейших поставщиков комплексных эффективных систем отопления, и следует тому же принципу в своей « Академии Buderus » .
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