In Kiev will start a program of energy efficiency of schools

In Kiev will start a program of energy efficiency of schools

Grade 6-8 classes metropolitan schools will study efficiency. According to the program elective course “Fundamentals of Heating and Energy Efficiency” students will develop projects to reduce heat and power consumption in their own schools. Five of the best projects will be implemented. Funding will assume DTEK.

The course is designed based on the American program schools Green Schools. Now in Kyiv held seminars for prospective teachers of the course. “Our task – to bring people to an understanding of the importance of energy efficiency, learn to take care of the heat, reduce their energy costs. The uniqueness of the project “Energy Efficient Schools” that students will not only learn the theory of how heat is produced and how to avoid its loss “- said the head of the Department of Social Development DTEK Victoria mushroom.

After completion of the pilot project in the capital to teach energy conservation specialists will travel to other regions, the first of which will Dnipropetrovsk. As one of the leaders of the project USAID «Municipal Heating Reform” Andrew Mitskan, it is important to support citizens and local governments and their interest in such energy projects. Mitskan convinced the city to spend too large amounts of energy. Due to the energy saving can be cut several times.


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