National Technical University “KPI”

National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, founded in 1885, – the left bank of the oldest technical university of Ukraine.

Over the years the University has trained over 150,000 engineers. 22 pupil University became members of the correspondents, a full member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, more than 110 have received state awards.

Today, it trained more than 26 thousand students, 400 graduate students, 1,700 faculty and working scientists, including 190 doctors and professors and more than 800 PhDs and professors. The University trains specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, automation, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, control systems, high physical and microprocessor technology, psychology, business economics, business, etc., all for 96 specialties.

Only NTU “KPI” trains specialists on such important sectors of technology, as for the turbine building of nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric power, a powerful electric machine, tractors, boilers, reactors and technology of fats and fat substitutes, tank building, electrical insulation, cable, capacitor technology.

Since March 1991, NTU “KPI” conducts training on individual curricula that provide a through math, humanitarian, informational, economic, and environmental training.

The University trains specialists in three qualification levels. The first level – Training 4 years with a degree Bachelor’s degree, second and third – Training 5.5 years with a degree or Master Engineer – 6 years.

The current policy of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine is aimed at ensuring the active participation of our country in the Bologna process. Representatives of the university took part in all the activities that were carried out MES, since November 2003.

May 19, 2005. the Bergen summit of European Ministers of Education Ukraine has officially joined the Bologna process, and on September 16, 2005. Rector of the University, on behalf of NTU “KPI” was signed in Bologna (Italy) The Great Charter of Universities.

The main factor of the Bologna Process is an indissoluble unity of teaching in universities and scientific processes.

40 schools of the National Technical University “KPI” recognized outside the country, particularly on the problems of physics of metals, high-tech metal, energy, electric, internal combustion engines, tank design, ceramics and composites, fat synthesis, nitric acid, petroleum fuels, electrochemistry, spacecraft control systems, industrial and biomedical electronics, information technology, control systems, and the like.

Joint Resolution of the Ministry of Education and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the basis of NTU “KPI” created by the North-Eastern regional center of scientific and educational computer network in Ukraine (URAN). This provides a productive activity a powerful information system of the University, which includes:

one of the largest Ukrainian corporate computer network (LMC), with almost 3,000 computers in 21 functional body of the university campus and 12 hostels;
the largest among the universities of the country a powerful center of “Internet” on the basis of which the city is involved research and education network, has a membership of 20 institutions of education and science of Kharkov.
NTU “KPI” Resolution of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine adopted as a regional center of technical equipment and new information technology training. Software applications developed by specialists of the University, used to study the basic, professionally oriented and specialized disciplines. Developing distance learning.

The University is a partner of several virtual universities. Created Center and the Faculty of distance learning.

University collaborates on international programs, projects, grants from universities, researchers from the USA, England, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, India, China and other countries. Its partners are foreign universities and companies from almost all continents of the world.

Today, the university enrolled more than 1,500 foreign students and postgraduates. Each year, more than 300 staff and students of NTU “KPI” leave for abroad to study, to become familiar with scientific, educational achievements of our partners.

The University became a full member of 5 international associations: the Association of Higher education institutions in Europe, the Association of Universities for Democracy, universities, the Black Sea region, the Eurasian universities and universities that have signed the Bologna Declaration.

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