Motor Sich

The enterprise history began in 1907 and extends back over 100 years. Company manufactures reliable aircraft engines and gas turbine power plants which considered to be competitive in the world market. Enterprise production operates on aircrafts and helicopters of various applications in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Development and commissioning of state-of-the-art technology, basing on latest scientific and technical achievements, professional, skilled and unified stuff, unique production facilities, resources, effective management strategy are the base of enterprise success and constant development.


The Zaporozhye Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Company is among the leading in the world and the only enterprise in Ukraine manufacturing engines for airplanes and helicopters as well as industrial gas turbine installations. MOTOR SICH JSC incorporates the following structural units located in Ukraine:

Zaporozhye Engine-Building Plant

The history of the main plant starts from the moment of organization of Deka factory in 1916 in the town of Alexandrovsk (Zaporozhye since 1921). The main structural unit manufactures aircraft engines, overhauls and maintains them, produces drives for gas/oil pumping units, mobile automated power generating sets and a number of consumer goods.

Zaporozhye Omelchenko Machine-Building Plant

The new testing station, the up-to-date foundry for precision casting of parts and heat-resistant alloys and a number of other shops were constructed on the right bank of the Dnieper river (the town of Zaporozhye) due to mastering the manufacture of big D-18 engines. On the basis of these facilities the Zaporozhye Omelchenko Machine-Building Plant was established in 1988.
The main direction of the factory’s activity is casting (manufacturing blades by oriented crystallization casting) and testing the D-18 engines.
The plant manufactures 1000 kW and 6000 kW gas-turbine power generating sets.

Snezhnoye Machine-Building Plant

In 1970 in the town of Snezhnoye in Donetsk region the first subsidiary was established, which in 1974 was converted to the Snezhnoye Machine-Building Plant.
The Snezhnoye Machine-Building Plant became the first in the industry specialized plant engaged in production of blades for gas turbine engines.
The plant manufactures the parts for aircraft engines (compressor disks, compressor and turbine blades), parts and units for mining equipment, consumer goods.

Volochisk Machine-Building Plant

Volochisk Machine – Building Plant, that is a structural unit of Motor Sich JSC, was founded in the town of Volochisk in Khmelnitskiy region in 1971.
The plant is specialized in manufacturing of 2,5 MW industrial gas-turbine power sets, production and repairing of AI-20DKE, AI-20DKN, AI-20DME, AI-20DMN, AI-2500M, GTE-MS-2,5 gas-turbine drives that are used as generator drives for power sets, manufacture of attachment parts for aircraft engines, technological equipment and special tools, complex molding tools and die sets, plastic containers.
At the Volochisk Machine-Building Plant the shop was organized for manufacture of PAES-2500 power generating sets, overhaul of AI-20 engines and its modifications ÀI-20DKE, ÀI-20DKN, ÀI-20DME, AI-20 DMN.
Apart from this, the Volochisk Machine-Building Plant produces spare parts for carsand a number of agricultural articles.

Motor Sich Airline

Founded in 1984, the air carrier is one of the subdivisions incorporated in Motor Sich JSC. The airline is furnished with passenger and transport airplanes and helicopters. The crews of aircraft have all necessary certificates and licences, which give permission for transportation of passengers and cargo.

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