Installation of Floor Heating

The BURENERGO company offers for its customers the high-quality and efficient radiant floor heating systems (Rehau, Herz, Purmo, Uponor, et al). Our company can develop the individual design of floor heating and mount it. Properly designed and installed the radiant floor heating gives the comfort and pleasure, available to each user.

Floor heating is a functional and aesthetic heating system. It can work as the primary heating system and can also be combined with radiators, fan coil units, warm walls or ceilings.

Floor heating consists of the plastic pipes laid in the floor, where warm water circulates. Normally, each room is serviced by one or several loops of pipe. The loops are connected to the distribution collector. Depending on the type of ceiling and the requirements to the floor, the different methods of installation are used. The most common scheme is when the floor heating tubes poured by concrete.

Soft, flat heat, absence of blowing and dust motion, exceptional comfort, optimal temperature distribution and efficiency, all this allows to consider the floor heating system as close to ideal.

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