Leon Service Plus

The company “Leon-Service Plus” is in Ukraine products from leading European manufacturers from Italy, Germany, Belgium, France and Poland.

The main criteria in the company, “Leon-Service Plus” since its founding in 1998 were elected: quality, variety and constant stock level. It has allowed her to take a firm niche in the wholesale market of Thermal Engineering of Ukraine was the reason for many customers to begin cooperation with the company.

Customers firmly know that the warehouses “Leon-Service Plus” no products of dubious quality or low-quality goods made in China, are confident that they will get their only reliable and high quality material having a certificate and guarantee.

“Leon-Service Plus” – high-quality plumbing products from leading European manufacturers for water, heating and sanitation. The company has many years of experience, some 7,000 items of goods from forty of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Office, warehouse and retail network – plumbing shop “half-inch” share a common goal – to provide all customers the highest level of service and quality European products.


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