Energy Audit

Our company performs energy audit of the cottages, apartment buildings, and industrial, office, warehouse and retail rooms. We guarantee a high quality of all works, an individual approach to each client and a moderate cost of diagnostics. The modern thermal imaging equipment and approved techniques are used for energy audit of the objects, which ensures any size and complexity of service at the short time. Our employees are true professionals and the energy audit is carried out quickly and very accurately. Great experience obtained by the company can provide the best recommendations for troubleshooting of the object and improving its heat insulating characteristics. During the energy audit the following types of constructions can be tested: the exterior walls, almost all types of surfaces and frame structures, including light transparent structures, attic and roof ceilings, basements, doors and gates. Furthermore, the energy audit of heat-conducting lines and distribution equipment is simultaneously provided. The company’s energy audit, part of which is a thermal imaging survey, allows check the energy consumption and visualize the test results. The high accuracy of the results is guaranteed, due to which the detected defects can be quickly eliminated.

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