Cosmogas company established in 1966 on the initiative of Arturo Alessandrini, who founded this year, a small private laboratory for mechanical work. The rapid development of the gas network for civilian purposes is 70-80 years, and it gives impetus to the development of a new generation of boilers: beginning to appear to be in demand self-contained heating device, as opposed to centralized. As a result of these dramatic changes in 1970, Arturo Alessandrini decided to found one of the first shops in Italy for the production of wall-hung gas boilers for the population. From the outset, characterized by special boilers Cosmogas boiler body which consists of a set of copper tubing, copper combustor.

From 1970 to today the company is constantly expanding and upgrading its product design, often outpacing demand in the market, as happened with the environmental boiler with a burner with premixed AXIA, which went on sale in 1997, or Kondens condensing boilers, which appeared to consumers in 2000.

In December 1996, the company led by Arturo Alessandrini has been known nationally and internationally for its high-tech boilers, boilers COSMOGAS later received a quality certificate ISO 9002.

Since 1998, the company expands the range of products and operates in the refrigeration and air conditioning, with the connection of remote control devices for cooling, wiring, pumps and integrated systems for air summer-winter.

Since 2004, thanks to the continuous improvement of its products and the high quality level of Cosmogas received ISO 9001 quality certificate.

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