Drilling Wells for Geothermal Probes

To date, the BURENERGO company specializes in drilling geothermal wells with the installation of geothermal probes by own production. In our work we use successfully the newest drilling technologies and modern drilling equipment manufactured in Germany. Our specialists have been trained in Germany and constantly improve their qualification.
The experience and professionalism allow us to make the drilling and technical improvement of wells with complexity, in accordance with all requirements and standards, as confirmed by the official license for drilling.

We have our own drilling equipment and mobile drilling crews. Our fleet includes drilling installations from known European manufacturers. The company has as compact sized machines to work in confined spaces or in built up area, and powerful devices for successful realization of any complex projects. Modern equipment allows perform drilling with all technological requirements without disrupting the landscape.

Cooperation with BURENERGO company will give you the opportunity to avoid the appearance on your area the archaic monster on the base of GAZ, KRAZ – ZIL, KAMAZ and the complete disfigurement of the territory. We will keep your trees and lawn in safe and sound. You will be spared from preparation and restoration works on dismantling or building a new fence, trees replanting and so on.
We make drilling wells up to 150 meters by different methods. Depending on the soil and the purpose of the well it can be drilling with washing, drilling with hammer or drilling with screws. Individual approach and advanced technologies, combined with our skill, will guarantee the quality and trouble-free operation of your equipment.

Referring to BURENERGO you’ll get not only the best engineering calculations and the highest quality drilling. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by a flexible system of discounts and offers for partners.

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