The German company “Buderus» (Buderus) is a symbol of quality, durability and prestige. The company started in 1731 with the production of pig iron in a small factory for further processing, as well as cast iron parts for furnaces and hearths. At the end of the 19th century the plant begins production of cast iron sectional boilers. During the 20th century, Buderus, constantly expanding the range of products, has become one of the largest European manufacturers of heating equipment with a wide network of branches and sales offices throughout Germany and worldwide.

In 2003, Buderus became part of the “Robert Bosch GmbH» (Robert Bosch), then, by the merger of Buderus and Thermotechnology division Bosch, created a new company BBT Thermotechnik GmbH (Bosch Buderus Thermotechnik GMBH).

From 2005 to Ukraine opened a representative of the German company Buderus, one of the largest manufacturers of heating equipment in Europe. Buderus Ukraine is part of the Bosch Thermotechnology Ukraine.

Buderus – a comprehensive supplier of modern energy efficient heating equipment and systems for a comfortable climate.

Reducing operating costs, energy savings and environmental care are the main challenges facing the company Buderus. Solving the problem data, Buderus offers innovative energy-efficient equipment.

Buderus offers companies that operate in the heating industry, a wide range of products for heating systems:

heat pumps;
Solar systems;
condensing boilers;
solid fuel boilers
automatic control and monitoring for all heating circuits and
built-in, wall-mounted, floor standing horizontal or vertical hot water boilers;
steel panel radiators;
Hardware devices for heating systems – pipes, fittings, valves, pumps, expansion tanks, etc.;
fireplaces, heating elements for furnaces to gas, oil or solid fuel, and more.

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