Energy Park “East”

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Video- Energy Park “East”

The BURENERGO company has its own demonstration and educational center Energy Park “East”. It is located in the Solonitsevka village at the Dergachi area, which is in Kharkiv region, in 15 minutes car driving from the Kharkov city.
The center is a completely autonomous complex, isolated from the external sources of electricity, gas and heat supply, that includes office and warehouse building and a number of auxiliary engineering structures.

At the center’s area of about 1700 m2 the wind generators, photovoltaic modules, heat pump, solar panels and regenerative ventilation are collected and included to operation. All equipment is installed together with the related systems of automatic control and account of energy generation and consumption. The center is equipped with its own weather station.

The main objectives of the center are as follows:
• to form a new culture of energy generation and consumption at home and work;
• to demonstrate the effectiveness of electric and heat supply systems, operating due to the solar, wind and earth energy and their promotion to the market;
• to train young specialists and raise the qualification of professionals;
• to provide a base for scientific research in the field of energy conservation and renewable energy sources.