Autonomous electric power supply system

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The Center «Ecoschool» is a unique complex, completely autonomous from the external sources. Own independent electric power supply, operating without interruptions, noise and pollution of the environment, is the main advantage of the established system that works exclusively on the renewable energy sources. In order to provide year-round maximum reliability of the electric supply, the «Ecoschool» uses a hybrid system that combines two sources of energy, to maximize the benefits of components.

Electric power supply system consists of the following main elements:


Photovoltaic modules and wind generator are working in parallel.

All electricity generated is stored in the batteries SUNLIGHT SPb 12-200 in the amount of 48 units. This is a lead-acid battery and such type of batteries is maintenance-free, because there is no need to check the electrolyte level and add water during exploitation. These batteries can operate in different positions (horizontal or vertical, but not completely upside down).

To ensure the control of the charging/discharging processes and to increase the battery’s living time, as well as to monitor the key system parameters, there are four charge controllers XANTREX C-40 installed. XANTREX charge controllers provide many advantages. They can operate as charge control devices, remove the excess energy from the PV modules and control the DC load.
To convert DC from batteries to AC three inverters XANTREX XW 6048 are mounted.

The XANTREX XW inverter is a device of the new generation with real sine voltage output, comprising battery charger and automatic AC switch. It can operate in presence of the external power grid and in independent mode (with generators and renewable energy sources) as well to provide full-time or backup power supply.

The System Control Panel (XW SCP) provides the system’s configuration and diagnostic information from/for the devices. System Control Panel (XW SCP) gives a single point of control for the creation and management of the entire system.