Alternative Energy

Assortments of heating / cooling / electrical systems offered by our company is quite extensive and it’s able to meet the needs of any customer. Different types of fuel used, wide range of manufacturers, different methods of equipment installation can give a solution, which ideally fit your requirements.
We offer the heat pump systems, the solar collector systems, systems with solid fuel boilers, the traditional heating systems (gas condensing boilers), solar systems for electricity generation and more.
In addition, we offer you the most effective equipment for the heating system, as well as a long list of accessories for our products. For many people who wants to build a new house in “wild” places  there is a couple of problems with electricity, heating and water sources. So, our company can help you, because we are using the best experience and practice in alternative energy sources.

Traditional sources have some limits and price, which has  tendency for grow every year. That’s why we are looking in the future and making the serious bet on alternative energy technologies and sources.

(РУС) Использование в быту автомобильных аккумуляторов и маломощных инверторов

(РУС) Разъяснение нашим специалистом.

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(РУС) Пеллетные котлы

(РУС) Пеллетные котлы – актуальный способ экономии энергоресурсов.

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(РУС) Геотермальный зонд

(РУС) Геотермальный зонд – корень системы отопления тепловым насосом

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(РУС) Низкотемпературное отопление

(РУС) Низкотемпературные системы – отопление будущего.

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(РУС) Биотопливо получают из природного сырья, разными способами переработки.

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Photovoltaic Systems

One of the most popular directions of alternative power is the using of free solar radiation and converting it into electricity.

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Solar Heating Systems

The heart of the solar system for the production of thermal energy is the solar collector.

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Heat Pump Systems

Currently one of the most efficient energy systems is the heat pump.

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